6 apps that will make life easy for in a new city

| Updated: Jul 21, 2016 23:30 IST

New Delhi, July 21 (ANI): Are you new in the city? Here are some apps that will make your life easier. The entire process of getting exposed to a new city brings you new challenges and hurdles. So these are the apps that work as a complete tech guide for a student in a new city. Firstly, 'CommonFloor' helps you to find accommodation. With this, online house search can be conducted before moving to a new city. Secondly, 'Furlenco' helps you to get furniture for your house on a rental basis. Thirdly, 'HelpChat,' India's biggest personal assistant app with more than two million downloads, provides timely help and suggestions and reminds you about important things. Next is 'UrbanClap,' that provides the simplest way to find and hire trusted professionals in the area like plumbers, electricians, chefs and more. 'Paytm,' India's largest mobile payment and commerce platform, holds great potential for students settling in a new city. Finally, 'Droom,' is an online marketplace for buying and selling used automobiles, with its special discounts for college students. (ANI)