Accenture introduces Accenture Innovation Architecture at Mobile World Congress

| Updated: Feb 27, 2017 23:22 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 27 (ANI): Accenture is bringing to life the Accenture Innovation Architecture at Mobile World Congress to highlight the company's innovation-led approach for helping clients develop and deliver disruptive innovations, and to scale them faster. The Accenture Innovation Architecture helps clients understand, experiment with, adopt and quickly scale new and emerging technologies. "Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest innovation showcases of the year and we are taking this opportunity to demonstrate over 50 examples of how Accenture has delivered innovation and value to clients," said Mike Sutcliff, group CEO, Accenture Digital. "In today's fast-changing digital environment, companies need to continually reinvent themselves for long-term success. So we are always looking ahead to anticipate what's next by taking an innovation-led approach to help clients imagine and invent their futures," added Paul Daugherty, Chief technology and innovation officer, Accenture. The Accenture Innovation Architecture combines capabilities from across the company and is built around the following elements to help organisations at any stage of their digital transformation: •Accenture Research uncovers insights and shapes trends, combining industry knowledge and data-driven research techniques. With 250 in-house researchers, Accenture partners with world-class organisations such as MIT and Singularity to discover innovative solutions for our clients. •Accenture Ventures partners with growth stage companies, and identifies, partners and strategically invests in the most promising innovations in the market. •Accenture Labs redefine the possible with applied R&D, incubating and prototyping new concepts that will have a near-term impact on clients' businesses, and finding technology solutions to improve the way businesses operate. (ANI)