Bhopal surgeons have a date with a Roving Robot

| Updated: Jul 24, 2017 18:11 IST

New Delhi [India], July 24 (ANI-BusinessWire India): A Da Vinci surgical robot is being taken around to visit 20 Indian cities. Now, on Monday, it makes its way to Bhopal where its impressive minimally invasive precision will be live-demoed to surgeons from different specialties. Vattikuti Technologies, distributor of da Vinci surgical robots and Vattikuti Foundation, evangelist for robotic surgery are putting into effect an ambitious expansion plan to spread the use of robotic surgery that scores over conventional surgery, as it minimises blood loss, dramatically reduces the post-operative recovery time, and brings precision in executing the procedure, thus saving healthy tissue from damage. The quick healing and lower pain-levels translate to shorter hospital stays and quick return to work. Vattikuti Technologies partnered with scores of hospitals in India since 2011 in drawing a roadmap for the success of the robotic program as well as supporting training of surgeons. So far, the number of da Vinci surgical robots in India stands at 51 installations, manned by 275 trained robotic surgeons in 47 hospitals in 20 cities. With multi-disciplinary robotic surgery proving its efficacy in India in the last six years, Vattikuti Technologies is taking the next step in their tour around the country with a road show in Bhopal. The goal is to familiarise surgeons and hospital administrators on how computer-assisted surgeries can vanquish various forms of cancers, particularly in the medical disciplines of urology, gynaecology, thoracic, gastro-intestinal and head and neck. The da Vinci 'Roving Robot' will be available to surgeons, doctors and hospital administrators in Bhopal at Bansal Hospital on Monday, and Chirayu Medical College on Tuesday and Wednesday. The expansion plan could not have come at a better time as the spread of cancer continues relentlessly across India. According to the National Cancer Registry, there are 15 lakh new cancer cases every year, a prevalence of over 30 lakh cancer cases at any point of time and over 6, 80, 000 deaths a year. The environmental tragedies of the past have affected Bhopal more than any other region in India, making timely surgery even more relevant. To address the scarcity of trained surgeons and the cost of computer-assisted procedures and equipment, Vattikuti Technologies, Intuitive Surgical Inc. USA and Vattikuti Foundation will showcase the technology by mounting the surgical robot on a mobile vehicle to simulate an operation theatre setting as it educates doctors and surgeons about the benefits. Vattikuti Technologies and surgical robot makers Intuitive Surgical Inc., USA will offer hospitals the da Vinci Robot along with instruments required for the next three years at a special price point. "The 4-armed Roving Robot will help surgeons in smaller towns experience the capabilities of a da Vinci Surgical Robot in removing affected tissue while retaining healthy tissue," said Gopal Chakravarthy, CEO, Vattikuti Technologies. "A 3-dimensional high definition vision system and 10 times magnification gives the surgeons to work with tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand enabling superior outcomes, quick recovery and much shorter hospital stays," added Chakravarthy. The da Vinci surgical system enables surgeons to operate with minimal invasiveness through a few small incisions while controlling the robotic instruments from a nearby console. It allows surgeons to operate with enhanced vision and precision. Eminent gynae-oncology surgeon Dr. Imran Hamzawala from Mumbai's Saifee Hospital will highlight the benefits of robotic surgery in an interactive session with surgeons from Bhopal and neighbouring towns on July 27. Surgeons maintain that robotic surgery causes fewer traumas as they are in full control of the entire procedure. (ANI-BusinessWire India