Casio launches 'MP-12R' calculator for display quotient and remainder function

| Updated: Jul 20, 2017 20:06 IST

New Delhi [India], July 20 (ANI): Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of MP-12R, a calculator with a Remainder Calculation function designed to be useful for warehouse operations. The newly launched calculator offers a diverse range of calculators with excellent performance that enjoy wide popularity. Among them, the full line of business-use calculators is designed specifically to facilitate the calculations people need to do on-site in various fields. These include heavy duty calculators for offices, as well as water-protected and dust-proof calculators for shops. The new MP-12R promotes work efficiency for people who perform remainder calculations on a daily basis, especially those working in warehouses for logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses. In addition to whole-number remainder calculations, the new calculator enables decimal remainder calculations, which are helpful in a wide range of situations. The MP-12R also has a day and time calculation function, which is handy for calculating the number of work days and hours required for an operation. Amongst a few main features are: -Remainder calculation function for easy division calculations to find a quotient and remainder -Day and Time calculation function that is useful for estimating the time and number of days required for warehouse operations -Tax calculation function for handy price calculations including or not including tax -Two-way power based on both solar and lithium battery operation. (ANI)