Delta ID introduces Iris Scanning Technology for in-Car Biometrics and Secure Autonomous Driving at CES 2017

| Updated: Jan 16, 2017 19:19 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 16 (ANI): Delta ID Inc. has introduced its iris scanning technology for automotive at CES 2017. Delta ID collaborated with Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX) to demonstrate the use of iris scanning as a secure, reliable and convenient way to identify and authenticate the driver in a car, and as a way to elevate the security of automobiles during the driving experience. Delta ID and Gentex demonstrated a rearview mirror that scans the iris of the driver upon entering the vehicle and gets ready to drive. Only if authorised, the driver is able to start and drive the vehicle. In India, this rearview mirror can also be configured for Aadhaar authentication of the driver to ensure only an authorised driver is indeed driving the taxi or an Uber, or Ola car. Additionally, in private vehicles the same feature can be used for in-cabin personalisation and other use cases such as payments at petrol pumps and other drive-through stores. Delta ID and Gentex have entered into a strategic partnership to bring iris scanning technology to automotive. Gentex's rearview mirrors will integrate Delta ID's Active IRIS technology. Both companies believe the iris is the right modality for in-car biometric identification and authentication, and rearview mirrors are the right place to integrate iris. Steve Downing, Senior Vice President at Gentex Corporation, said, "We believe driver identification will play a critical role in car sharing, in-car payment and the autonomous driving space. Delta ID 's proven iris scanning technology combined with Gentex's display-integrated rearview mirrors will bring fast, reliable and secure iris scanning to the cars of the future." Delta ID's ActiveIRIS technology combines its patented hardware design and advanced software algorithm to bring iris scanning and recognition to consumer devices that is fast and easy to use. "We believe iris scanner integrated rearview mirrors will elevate the safety of riders and security of autos to a new level, " said Salil Prabhakar, president and CEO of Delta ID. "Gentex has been leading the advancements in rearview mirrors in the industry. It has been a privilege to work with Gentex in designing and developing this novel solution that may end up changing the way we interact with our cars forever," he added. (ANI)