Facebook launches tools to help businesses expand internationally

| Updated: Sep 09, 2016 19:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 9 (ANI): Social networking giant Facebook has announced the launch of new tools to help businesses go global. As per the new tools launched, there are three new solutions to help businesses expand internationally, which include finding new customers in new countries, under which businesses can now use a new feature in the lookalike audiences tool to reach customers in new countries who are similar to their existing ones. They can do this by uploading a list of existing customers or high-potential leads. Secondly, finding new countries to grow your business. Under which any business who wants to increase installs of app, increase engagement in app or increase conversion on site can now target people worldwide or in a specific region. Facebook will then deliver ads to selected regions and then optimize delivery to the countries with the greatest return. Thirdly, it has announced resources to optimize campaigns, which will help businesses optimize global campaign strategy we are releasing new webinars and a handbook on international marketing techniques. As per Facebook's findings, people in India are connecting with SMBs and other countries, wherein 59 percent of people on Facebook in India are connected to at least one SMB in India. 41 percent of people on Facebook in India are connected to at least one SMB in a foreign country. People on Facebook in India are connected to businesses in other countries around the world. (ANI)