KOMPANIONS to nurture 20 skills in children with 'KUBE'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 21 (ANI): Innovative Ed-Tech-Sci start-up with a vision to re-visualize education bringing back the joy in learning KOMPANIONS has announced the launch of KUBE or the Knowledge Cube, its flagship offering. KUBE is India's first 3D educational game-box for children in the age group between three to 12 years. KUBE builds scholastic and co - scholastic skills of a child through Brain Training and is powered by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Gamification, Brain Booster series and Skill reports. The product works on building 20 different skill-sets of the child such as logic, creative thinking, curiosity, concentration, imagination, analysis, fine motor skills to name a few. The product helps develop six distinct facets of growth and exploration amongst children including intelligence, holistic development, new ways of thinking, logical thinking, language proficiency and creativity enhancement. KUBE is available in eight unique themes, with four more to be launched soon. "At KOMPANIONS, we firmly believe that true learning happens through exploration and discovery, leading to the ability to THINK. In our effort to bring joy into learning, we have created KUBE. The USP of this product lies in the fact that it packs in several learning elements in one box making learning a journey where one thing leads to another," said Founder KOMPANIONS, Yuvraj Krishan Sharma. "KOMPANIONS uses innovative and future-ready technology, in-depth research, rich content and products to facilitate creative and rational thinking in learners. Solutions include best-in-class brain training products powered by Virtual Reality and Assessment Architecture, Augmented Reality, Gamification, 3D Visualization, Brain Boosters and Skill Remediation reports. We strongly believe that each and every individual has immense potential waiting to be tapped and our aim is to impact each learner in a way that is engaging, exciting and enriching, thereby leading to the building of a cognitively healthier and intellectually smarter planet," added Sharma. KUBE comprises a VR Kit (VR glasses for virtual tour), VR app (an edutaining app for VR journey), fun facts and tracker images for 3D learning, digital games, picture card game with facts, 3D illustrations, catchy, theme based words and their meanings, puzzles and teasers, theme based facts and trivia, insightful knowledge bites and personalized Skill Report. Additionally, there is also an activity kit that packs in physical activities that promotes creativity and imagination amongst kids. KOMPANIONS' key differentiator and competitive advantage lies in the fact that most of its existing technology and product portfolio are industry-firsts and therefore have no competition. The company aspires to make learning processes fun, easy and impactful. Other than KUBE, KOMPANIONS offers products and solutions, for both B2B as well as B2C space. It works with schools through 3D Labs, Assessment Architecture, Movie Making, Summer camps and VR workshops. KUBE is targeted at the retail segment. (ANI)