LeEco to launch 'Super TV's' to expand reach in Indian market

| Updated: Aug 03, 2016 00:06 IST

New Delhi, Aug 1 (ANI): Chinese conglomerate LeEco is all set to launch its Super TVs in India. The company started its operations in the country early this year by launching Le 1S Superphone and has already established itself in the smartphone space. With the launch of TVs, it will be expanding its reach in the India market by catering to a new product category. It is expected that LeEco will be offering large screen TVs at disruptive prices. The consumers in India today are completely spoiled by abundances of choices. There are many brands that are offering TVs with innovative features, various sizes and wide price range. Apart from prices and features, another important aspect of the TV buying process is the placement of the TV - whether it will be placed on a table or mounted on the wall. Manufacturers today offer TVs ranging in sizes from 22 to 120-inches. However consumers are mostly looking at 32 to 65-inch TV sets. And in the past few years, buyers for TVs above 40 inches have been constantly increasing. When considering buying a TVs over 32 inches, one should look at picture resolution as well. In the Indian market, one can currently have HD ready, Full HD and UHD (4K or higher) resolutions. TVs that are HD ready display a minimum 720p picture, and generally have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Meanwhile, Full HD TVs have a higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The resolution of 4K is exactly four times higher than full HD - 3840 x 2160. This translates intofar more detailed picture. Another technology that often comes with high-end TVs is HDR or High Dynamic Range. Being touted as the next big thing in TVs, HDR produces astounding levels of visual fidelity and can be found in some of the latest UHD TV Consumers today prefer to watch their favorite content at their convenient time. Therefore, one must look at having TVs that come with bundled content. Some Smart TVs offer native app to facilitate people to enjoy the content that they would want to watch, but LeEco is offering a Supertainment Ecosystem with an integrated content one-stop experience to its users. For the smartphones, LeEco Supertainment membership program is offering a vast content library of 2000+ movies, 3000+ hours of curated shows, 150+ live TV channels and 1.9 million songs with lossless audio quality. Additionally, members can get access to exclusive live streaming of major entertainment events &music concerts worldwide along with 7500+ hours of world class entertainment. LeEco also offers users a chance to tune into top International Live Concerts - Live and Offline. With its TVs coming to India, this already vast library is expected to grow. Just like in computers, speed now matters even in TVs. One must check out the CPU and GPU that are powering the TV. CPU determines how fast a TV can process information while the GPU plays an important part in ensuring that you enjoy a crystal clear image. If you want to enjoy a blazing fast multitasking user experience with your smart TV or smooth viewing of ultra-high definition shows, extra-powerful processor and a competent GPU is what you should be looking for. (ANI)