LeEco's Super TVs set to redefine TV watching experience in India

| Updated: Jul 30, 2016 23:48 IST

New Delhi, July 30 (ANI): India has come a long way starting from the Black and White TV to the present Smart TV era. Though we have evolved from the LCD/plasma era to a smart TV era, TV buying decisions in India still continues to be determined by factors such as display, design and audio quality that were the preserve of the LCD/Plasma era. In a time when TVs are no longer used for just watching soaps and movies, but also as gaming console and entertaining hub, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) are becoming important factors that people have overlooked. GPU is the most important factor for having a crystal clear and sharp image. A powerful GPU ensures better quality pictures while watching fast moving scenes or action packed movies. However, most TVs sold in the Indian market have not catered to the trend. LeEco is expected to launch its TV that is believed to carry ARM® Cortex® A17 processor paired with Mali T720 GPU. This is new high in Indian TV market as far as CPU power is concerned. Most of the flagship models that LeEco's competitors carry are much less powerful than ARM® Cortex® A17 processor and can performs elementary tasks. Luckily Indian customers won't need to wait for long to experience the future as internet and ecosystem conglomerate LeEco is expected to launch its Super TVs in India next week. They come with such powerful processors that will change what it means to be a Smart TV because most existing ones will look dumb before it. It is expected that the Super TV from LeEco will be configured with the ARM® Cortex® A17 processor, which is the highest performing 32-bit ARM processor. As far as performance and high speed computing is concerned, this processor is miles ahead from the processors that LeEco's competitors carry. Most of LeEco's competitors' flagship models carry either an ARM® Cortex® A9 or A7 processor. For example, LeEco's A17 gives 40 percent better performance than A9. In terms of GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), the Super TVs are configured with a Mali-T720, an upgrade of 100 percent from Mali-450 that is being carried by most flagship models from other brands. This promises the viewers a smooth delivery of stunning graphics quality and strong multitasking capability without compromising on power consumption. With this powerful processor, LeEco will move ahead of the curve in the Indian TV market. The internet based ecosystem TV, has 3GB of RAM and 16GB of high-speed flash memory that guarantees precision, smooth streaming and image clarity even during watching fast motion scenes or multitasking with apps and games. With four times the resolution of other full high-definition televisions, you will never miss a single detail. The super TV also comes with professional MACE PRO4 image processor that will maintain frame-to-frame coherence without image trailing when you watch a sporting event involving high-speed moving objects like cricket or when you play a cricket TV game. The company has sent out an invite that sports a huge flat screen placed adjacent to a phone screen. It shows a tiny fish on a phone screen turning into a big shark when seen on the TV screen. This probably is a hint by the company that the Ecosystem era in TV has begun. The internet and ecosystem conglomerate is hinting in a big way that users can view their content both on their Superphones and Super TVs. (ANI)