Look into five best News and Reading Apps of 2016

| Updated: Dec 23, 2016 22:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 23(ANI): The credibility of online news has been a dominant topic of discussion these days. Here is a lowdown on five great apps that will help you news from the most credible sources. They offer curated content and let you customize news sources for your phone and tablets. 1.Pocket - Pocket lets you take a webpage you're viewing and stash it away for later, in a clean, readable format. This is great for when you're browsing news or find interesting stories on your social media timeline. It can work with all news aggregating apps like Dailyhunt and Flipboard as well as social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Pocket also comes with browser extensions, so you can use it on your desktop as well. 2.Nuzzel - The app allows you to keep pace with endless stream of information that streams on Twitter. It syncs up with your social networks and keeps track of the most tweeted links and shares a roundup of all the associated tweets. Nuzzel is available for free download on both Android and iOS. 3.UC News -UC News tracks and matches the trending keywords on social media and decides on the trending topics before recommending them to the user. It brings together both traditional and new media content creators to a single place. 4.Feedly - An Android-only app, Feedly lets you access your favourite website, blogs and magazines, all at one place. It is a user-friendly RSS reader and also supports YouTube channels. Optimised for mobile and tablets, Feedly lets you share what you like on your social media outlets including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. 5.Flym News Reader - A simple, ad free open-source project, Flym fetches your websites/blogs and displays them in a mobile-optimized way. It is based on the "Sparse RSS" reader and does not synchronize with any online feed reader. Flym allows you to choose curated content by topic and set posts as favourites.(ANI)