Microsoft enables Windows 10 installation using voice recognition

| Updated: Apr 09, 2017 21:14 IST

New York [USA], Apr. 9 (ANI): Microsoft recently modified its voice recognition feature to enable users to configure their PCs, as reported by the Verge. For years, setting up a Windows machine has gradually been getting easier thanks to Microsoft's simplifications, latest in line being the Windows 10 Creators Update. New machines will be built with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft's digital voice recognition assistant Cortana will guide users through the setup process. Microsoft's digital assistant will also help Windows 10 users connect to Wi-Fi networks and sign into a Microsoft Account. Users can also configure the keyboard and setup an internet connection, just by conversing with Cortana. Additionally, users have the leverage to mute the instructions and carry on with the process manually at any point during the installation. (ANI)