Nippon Audiotronix to increase production; to launch latest rear view sensors in India

| Updated: Dec 27, 2016 20:22 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 27 (ANI): India's leading in car entertainment accessory manufacturer Nippon Audiotronix has announced offering of a wide range of rear view sensors to address the growing demand following the government decision to make rear view sensors mandatory in all cars. The manufacturer is working on some trending technology such as Birds eye view (a 360 degree view) a blind spot detection system, pedestrian detection system (Moving object detection), lane departure system which will make user aware about the surroundings of vehicle from all angles. "Currently the company manufactures 250,000 units per year and is expecting an increase of five percent to 10 percent annually. In the rear view sensor category, we intend to invest about Rs. 20 crore over the next two years," said AGM Sales Nippon Audiotronix, Dhiraj Chawla. Nippon has a wide product range available for Rear Parking Assist System (RPAS) portfolio. The alarm visual range contains unique features such as Digital LED Display Unit for display of distance to obstacles and direction of obstacles, four stages Audible Alarm for alerting the driver and Distance and Direction Warning for identifying exactly where the obstacle is. The basic parking sensor has four sensors, controller and buzzer while the upgraded version has digital display with sensors, controller and buzzer. The video range has specific Night Vision Camera to provide parking ease at night and a Parking Line Display on a TFT screen to actually see the rear across a 160 angle. The screen can be installed in place of original Inside Rear View Mirror or on the dashboard. "Mostly the higher car variants come with rear sensors but we expect more demand in future from entry level car users as they become more aware and concerned about safety. We currently sell around 2,00,000 rear sensors annually but in the next two years we expect it to increase by five to 10 percent," said GM Engineering Nippon Audiotronix, Sanjiv Tayal. However, the government of India announced its decision to make rear view sensors or reverse parking sensors mandatory at the curtain raiser event for World Roads Meet (WRM 2017) organized by International Road Federation (IRF). A directive is expected to be announced soon. Once made mandatory, car companies will either make these OEM fitment or mandatory package in DOP at the time of purchase of car. (ANI)