Rocking Deals launches web portal to track lost phones

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 26 (ANI): Rocking Deals launched, a free medium to spread awareness about stolen or theft devices. A website to enable users to register his/her device to secure it from getting stolen, this eases the process of buying and selling second-hand phones. Rocking deals has come up with this initiative with a motive to secure the device from being used after it is stolen as it can track the person using the device after being stolen. Before buying used devices from anywhere you can always be sure that it is a genuine purchase by checking on the portal. By doing this you will get to know if it was ever reported as being stolen. The portal is designed in a way that whenever a customer buys a used or refurbished phone, he can go to the website and fill the details of the phone which includes name, model and the IMEI Number. As soon as the details get filled in the phone gets automatically registered on the website. If in future the same phone gets lost or stolen, the customer must update the status of the same phone. Next time if someone buys that phone and he also puts in the details, the status of the phone will automatically show as 'stolen'. For the initial process, the company is going to get integrated with all State Police and other administration systems in the country to help them resolve and catch the offenders. The website has the ability to cater infinite number of customers as it will work as a directory service for them. India has the largest cell phone users in the world. Millions of new phones are being sold in a year and people are selling their used phones via so many mediums such as online retailers and their friend circle. "India has now become a huge market for refurbished and unboxed phones and it is very important that we, being one of the biggest sellers of used phones in the market, make the process safe for everyone," revealed Yuvraj Aman Singh, Founder and CEO, Rocking Deals. (ANI)