Security in Indian Housing Societies goes Hi-Tech

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi, [India], Feb. 22 (ANI): ADDA GateKeeper, a security management platform for apartment complexes, launched a range of security measures to tighten security in large apartment complexes across most Tier I cities. In addition to capturing all entry/exit data digitally, the platform provide apartment residents, apartment association members and society managers visibility into the security gate, and helps in augmenting the security in apartment complexes and strengthening the security processes. ADDA GateKeeper is a product from ApartmentADDA, an eight-year-old Bengaluru-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for apartment complex internal communication, management, billing and accounting. Over the last year they have more than doubled their engineering team and developed a separate team dedicated to GateKeeper. Some benefits of SaaS-based security platforms for apartment complexes are as follows: •Apartment Residents gets instant notifications on their mobile phones, whenever a visitor checks in against their flat. •Guests can be pre-entered as visitors by residents allowing them easy access to the complex •Residents' can alert security guards, family and neighbours immediately during emergencies with a button click •Security analytics and reports with which the management committee, society manager gets real time insights on visitor data and trends, gets ability to check real time if set security processes are being followed "We have carved out a separate Product and R&D team for GateKeeper. Complete Visitor Management, Domestic Staff Management, Association Staff Attendance with Evidence, Smart ID for Residents/Staff, Panic Alert for Residents, Material In/Out tracking (for example , Water Tanker/Diesel/ Pump for repair), Automatic Gate Pass Printing - every aspect needed by modern Apartment Complexes for their Security is being custom-built by GateKeeper," said Sangeeta Banerjee, CEO ApartmentADDA. GateKeeper also integrates with other security systems like RFID (radio frequency identification) Boom Barriers at the entry/exit gates; so that all the residents' vehicles will be automatically recognised and security gate can open up. GateKeeper also streamlines the process of staff management in apartment complexes. Biometric systems are used to track attendance of their staff. All attendance data becomes instantly visible on ADDA which is the central society portal. The society administrators can on real time view attendance of all staff. "Many of our customers used to complaint about their problem managing loose professional ethics of their housing society staff. The staff management module of GateKeeper promises to bring in lot of professionalism to housing society staff. This data also directly feeds expense management systems in ADDA, so salaries are automatically linked to staff's attendance," added Sangeeta Banerjee. (ANI)