Should SyncNScan invest in ATL to gain a wide base of customers?

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 19 (ANI): SyncNScan is a young company, which was set up by ex-Microsoft leaders and they were pioneers in introducing anti-virus for mobile devices. Anti-virus is gaining popularity in recent times because of mobile devices becoming a preferred mode of payments, bank related transactions and gaming. Most recently, government's demonetization has given push to rapid adoption of digital payments where mobile phones/smartphones/feature phones are becoming easily accessible for digital transactions. The security aspect of digital payment are key to provide consumers a confidence and trust. Anti-virus for mobile devices is one such secure method to gaining popularity and vendors are growing in this business very rapidly. Other prime players in the mobile anti-virus market are Quick Heal, McAfee and Kaspersky. Some companies are well funded to actively use the market channels viz print, videos, audios and some are leveraging low cost frugal marketing methods. It is a popular notion "Joh dikta hai woh bikta hai" (What you see is what you buy). Therefore, continuous marketing activities are becoming key success drivers for market leadership. For example: Syska has a higher brand recall as they use celebrities like Irfan Khan to promote their products. Quick Heal has engaged the famous Airtel 4G girl to promote their products through TV commercials. Both these companies have also taken sponsorship of prime programmes of soap operas on Indian Television including reality shows. This has, further enhanced their brand visibility among various segments of consumer. ATL and BTL are proven marketing tools for consumer oriented products. Anti-virus for mobile is one such proven product where these tools have once again effectively delivered the business results to respective owners. SyncNScan is well respected in its niche segment of corporate customers and their retail has not grown on desired pace due to low investment in ATL activities. The company believes in BTL promotion which has caused them to achieve less success in the market and have fluctuating growth. Using ATL promotion can be beneficial for a small start-up like SyncNScan so customers can gain knowledge that such a company exists in the market. ATL promotional strategies will increase the customer base and make the company well known in the sector. (ANI)