Skullcandy launches Crusher wireless headphones

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 3 (ANI): Skullcandy, the performance and lifestyle audio brand founded at the intersection of innovation and creative culture announced today the launch of Crusher Wireless, the most immersive multi-sensory experience in Skullcandy's offering. Crusher Wireless is an evolution of one of Skullcandy's most celebrated products, the original Crusher headphones, and has been completely rebuilt from the ground up with elegant industrial design, premium materials, Bluetooth functionality and a suite of innovative technologies that enable an immersive audio experience. "We want to provide users a more immersive experience with music, movies, and really all media content," said founder and CEO of Brandeyes Distributors, Amlan Bhattacharjya. "Through our research and development efforts, we have worked to provide an enhanced audio and tactile experience that makes nearly all forms of media more fun and engaging for users. The new Crusher Wireless is a game changer in how people experience media content. Furthermore, up to 40 hours of rechargeable Bluetooth battery life enabled by an auto on or off smart circuit, ensures you can go for days before needing to plug in," added Bhattacharjya. Crusher Wireless delivers a premium acoustic experience while integrating refined Crusher Technology and stereo sound. This expansion of the Crusher family includes a proprietary built-in amplifier that powers both audio and stereo immersion drivers, enabling a dual-sensory and dual-channel bass experience. The result is a stereo haptic bass response that delivers directional bass you can feel, without sacrificing audio quality, and is a unique offering in the market today. Crusher Wireless is also loaded with features that support the premium, immersive, multi-sensory experience Bluetooth® functionality, customizable haptic experience through adjustable bass controls, noise-isolating fit, elevated audio quality, built-in microphone, track and volume controls, and an upgrade in aesthetics, including memory foam cushions and travel-friendly collapsible design at Rs. 11,999 Crusher Wireless delivers a premium, immersive, multi-sensory experience, Bluetooth functionality, and days of battery life among other remarkable features. Crusher Wireless is available now online and at select retailers globally. (ANI)