This new car security device also acts as a women SOS app

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 16 (ANI): Women safety is a pain point for all Indians, with crime against women on the rise. As such we have seen a lot of emphasis given to SOS mobile apps, panic buttons and safety features that alarm your family if one is in trouble. What if we told you that by a single click of a button you could shut down your car remotely hence saving it from theft or inform your near ones of your exact location if you are in trouble. That's exactly what Mosfet - a lifestyle tech brand has launched with the Find Me 101 app. Now driving late alone would not be a security issue for the women drivers. Findme 101 is just not only a device for women security, it's also a car security business that offers a unique proposition which allows you to ensure that your beloved family member and also your car is safe through a smart device fitted in your vehicle which is networked to your phone via a free app. The Key features of the device are: Tracking History: This allows you to find your car in a crowded parking area with ease, thus reducing the need to wander around and save you from panic. Get accurate historical report of your daily movement, multiple journey, path traveled, time taken, average speed and many more things. Alert n Notification : Find me will keep an instant outlook for your vehicle even when you are not in it, it will also notify you if the vehicle is leaving the pre- defined boundary you have set on the app. Your device find me 101 will notify you the moment you are over speeding or even if someone tries to tow away your car. SOS n Safety : A dedicated SOS button on you Findme App makes sure, that you are Safe n Never alone. The user can configure up to 3 mobile number as SOS alert receive. In case of emergency the user just need to press SOS button on the app and an sms with user tracking detail is sent to 3 pre-configured number. Free Instant text, voice & image sharing : To enhance social connectivity among users of the Mosfet findMe app, there is an option of keeping in touch with the rest of the users, They can share text & voice messages as well as images via the free chat option in the app control panel. It is as seamless & user friendly as the next social connectivity tool. The device simply makes life easier and simpler so as they say "With findMe101 you are NEVER ALONE!!" (ANI)