Vidyartha announces 'Best in Game Talent Hunt' initiative across 500 schools in South India

| Updated: Dec 12, 2016 22:24 IST

Bengaluru [India], Dec.12 (ANI-Businesswire India): Vidyartha, an edtech company and first of its kind data-driven learning guidance platform, has launched a 'Best in Game Talent Hunt' initiative across 500 schools in South India with The Hindu as its execution partner. In a bid to improve learning outcomes of students from Grade 8 to 12, Vidyartha offers customized and tangible action points to students, parents, schools/academicians on the basis of interest, psychometric and aptitude assessments. Vidyartha's ability to make profound and actionable recommendations is pivoted on its unique approach of assimilating learning data across students, schools and Grades to create a deep profile and learning path for each student. Vidyartha's learning mentors, then guide the students towards learning techniques based on his/her individual profile and learning needs. More than 3000 schools and 300,000 students across India use Vidyartha's platform/app and this is outside the numbers reached through the talent hunt. The data driven platform of Vidyartha allows students to map their relative position across their peers at school, regional and national levels. With data sets available across 300,000 students currently and growing, Vidyartha offers any student the most relative comparisons of their own skill sets. The 'Best in Game Talent Hunt' is among one of the high impact initiatives by Vidyartha to engage with schools and students. This initiative provides students from Grade 8 -12 in the identified 500 schools, the opportunity to participate in a General Aptitude Test and question paper exclusively set by Vidyartha. The results are declared within the week and can be accessed by students only on Vidyartha's mobile application. One winner is chosen from every Grade in each of the schools and is identified on the basis of his/her perfect alignment of aptitude and interest. "We help students see deeper insights well beyond the report card leading to specific actionable pointers and remediation. We are looking to make our technology platform accessible to as many schools and individual students and initiatives such as this are key to our efforts to reach out," said Navin Balan, Founder & Director, Vidyartha. "Our algorithm is aligned to all Boards measuring various parameters to create a unique and deep learning profile for each student that helps to assess learning needs. We therefore expect Vidyartha to become a 'guide and mentor' for students looking to improve their academic scores and make better choices of subject and course combinations in Grade 10 and 12 respectively," says Priya Mohan, Founder & Director, Vidyartha.(ANI-Businesswire India)