Voyo's 'Lockdown' is here to shut down high-tech car thieves

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi, Jul 25 (ANI): A US-based tech company, Voyomotive, has come up with a new plug and play connected car technology that can keep your car safe against the latest car hacking methods. Dubbed as 'Lockdown,' the system requires the fitment of a 'Voyo' module, which connects to a car's on-board diagnostics port and a plug-in relay in the car's fuse box. With the system installed, drivers will only be able to access and start the car by connecting an authorised phone to the module, via Bluetooth, which will disarm the 'lockdown.' In a video on youtube, Voyomotive CEO Peter Yorke said: "If a thief attempts to enter a car, Lockdown will blare the car horn and flash the lights." He added, "Once the hacker unlocks the doors, the app repeatedly relocks the doors. If the thief does gain entry into the vehicle, Lockdown prevents an engine start - even if a blank key has been reprogrammed or by attempting to use a keyless ignition." (ANI)