5 Al-Qaeda terrorists killed in Afghanistan

ANI | Updated: Jan 19, 2018 23:43 IST

Nangarhar [Afghanistan], Jan 19 (ANI): At least five senior leaders of Al-Qaeda were killed in an operation by the Afghan security forces in eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province on Friday.

The Khaama press agency reported that five top leaders of Al-Qaeda were killed by the Special Forces of the Afghan intelligence directorate in a special anti-terrorism operation.

According to an official statement by the provincial government, it said, "Five senior Al-Qaeda network leaders, hailing from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Chechnya, were actively involved in planning and coordinating suicide attacks in the country".

"Out of the three killed, one hailed from Chechnya, one hailed from Afghanistan, and one of them was a Pakistani national", the statement added.

The Afghan security forces found four Ak-47 rifles, a PKM machine gun, a pistol and some ammunition after the operations.

No casualties were reported so far.

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda affiliates have not yet given an official statement regarding the development.

This comes days after at least six militants were killed in a US airstrike and 17 suspected Islamic State terrorists were killed in a drone strike by the Afghan security forces. (ANI)