Abiy Ahmed takes oath as Ethiopia's PM

ANI | Updated: Apr 03, 2018 02:09 IST

Ethiopia [Africa], April 3 (ANI): Abiy Ahmed on Monday took an oath as Ethiopia's Prime Minister shortly after being elected to become the 16th Prime Minister of the state.

Ahmed the first Oromo Prime Minister of Ethiopia called for unity in the country and urged the Ethiopians to forgive the wrongdoers during his inaugural address to the Ethiopian lawmakers as told by the Al Jazeera.

"Ethiopians living abroad and Ethiopians living here, we need to forgive each other from the bottom of our hearts," Ahmed said.

Abiy, 41, a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army and head of Ethiopia's science and technology ministry, has a reputation as an effective orator and reformer.

Ahmed will succeed incumbent Hailemariam Desalegn who resigned in February following anti-government protests demanding economic reforms and an end to corruption.

Further Merara Gudina, a prominent opposition leader, expressed cautious optimism over Abiy's election.

"What he aims to achieve depends on what his party allows him to do," Merara said, adding that Abiy was elected by Ethiopia's ruling party instead of the common people.

"But still it goes without saying that a change in personalities within the leadership may bring changes in terms of bringing better ideas that may ultimately lead to national reconciliation.", Merara added. (ANI)