Shafi Burfat
Shafi Burfat

Activists join hands against China's aggression and Pakistan's Islamic terrorism

ANI | Updated: Sep 04, 2020 21:17 IST

Frankfurt [Germany], September 4 (ANI): China's aggression, war frenzy and Pakistan's Islamic terrorism pose a serious threat to regional peace and global security, Shafi Burfat, the Chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) has said.
"China, with its aggression, war frenzy, and irresponsible approach is conspiring to plunge the entire region into the fires of war, while Pakistan's religious terrorism has become a menace against peace in the region, posing a serious threat to world peace and security", said Burfat.
He added, "Global peace and regional stability are under constant threat from China's aggression and Pakistan's Islamic terrorism. The whole world and historical nations must work together against them".

The body believes that the national independence of Sindh, (Sindhu Desh) Balochistan, PoK, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Pashtunistan is the only and permanent solution to China's growing war aggression and fanaticism in the region and to stop Pakistan's religious terrorism. The body has decided to convene an international conference in Germany to discuss and address this serious issue.
Shafi Burfat told ANI, "The aim of this conference is to discuss, address, and highlight the concerns and stance of historical oppressed nations that are suffering under the tyrannical yoke of Chinese aggression and Pakistan's terrorism. The conference will host the political leaders of the Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Tibetan, Uighur nations, while the intellectuals and parliamentarians from the European Union, the USA, Canada, and the UK will also be invited".
He added, "In this regard, the body decides to liaise with Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Tibetan, Uyghur leaders and intellectuals in connection with the convening of the conference, for liaison with the leaders of all historical nations of the region, intellectuals, journalists A coordinating committee comprising Shahnawaz Bhutto Ali Sindhi has been formed under the leadership of party leader Sajjad Shar to discuss and liaise with national leaders and intellectuals of historical nations of the region, after which the final date and venue of the conference will be announced. Each leader will be contacted directly, intellectuals, and journalists from India will also be invited to attend the conference".
Altaf Hussain, Quaid-e-Sindhudesh are expected to preside over the conference and address the participants via Skype.
Shafi said, "The body understands that if the United States, and the world's democracies, are to stop China's growing aggression, war frenzy, and Pakistan's Islamic terrorism on a permanent basis, then the historical oppressed nations of Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Sindh, Balochistan, POK, Pashtunistan, Seraiki Des must be liberated and Taiwan must be recognized by the international community as a separate independent state. This is the only solution that can thwart China's aggressive intentions regionally as well as globally. On the other hand, the disintegration of the fascist, rogue and terrorist Pakistani state is the only solution to put a permanent end to the menace of Islamist extremism and terrorism in the region and bring the world more closely to an establishment of global peace". (ANI)