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Activists urge people of Balochistan to boycott Pak elections

ANI | Updated: Jul 24, 2018 08:49 IST

Vancouver/Paris [Canada/France], Jul 24 (ANI): Naela Quadri Baloch, president of World Baloch Women's Forum, urged the people of Balochistan to boycott upcoming general elections in Pakistan.
In a video issued from Canada, the Baloch activist said that Pakistan is a free country, which has been forcefully occupied by Pakistan and accused the authorities of carrying out genocide in Balochistan.
"Pakistan is responsible for the genocide of Baloch and they show that Baloch people are part of their parliamentary process. They are forcefully abducting Baloch people. They are displacing Baloch villages, women, and children and they are taking them to army camps for forceful make them cast their votes," she claimed, adding, "Baloch people do not want to be part of this country."
Meanwhile, Munir Mengal, president of Baloch Voice Association, echoed a similar sentiment and said that tailoring of election in Pakistan is 'a normal issue.'
"Pakistan elections are tailored by the Pakistan Army through its organisations like ISI and MI (Military Intelligence). Unfortunately, ISI and MI are using other state institutions like judiciary and NAB and Election Commission of Pakistan to manipulate the elections in Pakistan," he said.
He further said that it is for the first time the real face of the Pakistani Army has been 'exposed'. (ANI)