Aeon Shinonome
Aeon Shinonome

AEON conducts disaster management program

ANI | Updated: Nov 16, 2018 12:18 IST

Tokyo (Japan), Nov 16 (ANI): Aeon Shinonome store conducted a disaster prevention seminar in the wake of destruction caused by natural disasters in various parts of the world. Aeon has been conducting various disaster management measures to provide safety and security for all customers.
In the workshop, disaster prevention expert Tomoaki Imai was invited from Koto Ward to give instructions on preparation measures based on past experiences.
"I was asked by Aeon to participate in the disaster prevention seminar. I think that a lot of people are concerned with disaster prevention because of a recent case of a disaster occurring. And at the same time, Aeon has focused on disaster preparation measure for the safety of customers. I would like to continue these activities in cooperation with Koto Ward and Aeon," Tomoaki Imai said.
A participant said, "I learned so much about disaster measure in this seminar. It was very good to know the point of how much food stock I should prepare in the case of disaster. During disaster drill, Aeon collaborated with companies related to disaster prevention and introduced the latest preparedness measure to customers. This shelter can be used both on land and on the water in an urgent disaster situation. It is able to contain two people inside. Disaster prevention is not only for people but also for animals."
He also emphasised on measures to rescue pets when a calamity strikes. "In a disaster situation, many pets suffer unexpected circumstances and endure a lot of stress. "Aeon Pet" provides pet treatment and management service for pet and owner," he added.
Underlining the importance of food in natural disaster situations, Aeon recommends 'Rolling Stock' as disaster preparedness measure. Rolling Stock is the cycle of keeping certain amounts of foods in-house at all times. "This means regularly eating items from your stockpile, and then replacing them with new items to keep the situation close to daily life even in an emergency," he advised. (ANI)