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Aeon developing retail business in Indonesia

ANI | Updated: Mar 17, 2019 19:35 IST

Jakarta [Indonesia], March 17 (ANI): Indonesia is developing at a fast pace where the motorbike is the major means of transportation for people. Currently, motorbike taxi dispatching service via a Smartphone application and cashless service is getting popular.
Aeon mall Jakarta Garden City is a huge shopping centre which has playground equipment facility, different kinds of restaurants and daily grocery stores. During the weekend, a lot of people spend time here as a recreation place by incorporating the style of Japanese hospitality to entertain the customer first.
Aeon Mall, a Japanese company that develops and operates huge shopping malls in Asian countries, is paying attention to cashless service and motorbike taxi. The firm also held a joint press conference to announce a partnership with 'Go Jek', a company that develops applications for consumers.
Aeon's president director, Daisuke Isobe said, "Today, Aeon Mall declared that it has started the collaboration with Go Jek, which operates the largest consumer applications in Indonesia. We hope that all of our customer's life will be improved in Indonesia, and we will push forward to realize that goal."
'Go Jek' is the developer and operator of convenient applications for consumers and many kinds of service related to daily life. The consumer is able to pay cashless settlement in shops of Aeon Mall. The only QR code is read with the camera in a special application. And also meals and household goods are delivered by motorbike taxi dispatching service. 
"Aeon Mall has a project of expanding shopping centres in Asia and service with digital capability. We also incorporate tools that are essential to the daily life of Indonesian people, improving convenience for our customers and increasing tenant sales. More customers will visit Aeon Mall. This will improve business performance. In Southeast Asia, Aeon Mall has launched in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. We are planning similar services with 'Go Jek' in Vietnam and hopefully in more counties," Isobe said.
The business collaboration of service that is suitable for local lifestyle and culture and Japanese hospitality service contribute to improving social life all over the world. (ANI)