Aeon Mall gains popularity among foreigners in Japan

ANI | Updated: Feb 27, 2018 17:48 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Feb 27 (ANI): Providing more variety of helpful and useful services for international customers is in great demand as record numbers of tourists are visiting Japan.

And shopping is one of the attractions that many of the inbound visitors are keen on experiencing while visiting Japan.

Aeon Mall Narita located near Narita International Airport in Tokyo is offering a variety of helpful and convenient services for all international visitors.

Besides different shopping floors, the mall has special facilities such as Currency Exchange corner, Pray room and an amusement floor,

"Aeon Mall Narita tends to have a lot of foreign tourists from all over the world. We aim to have the environment where every tourist can enjoy, feel comfortable and relax while shopping. For that, we have staff who can speak languages such as English, Chinese, and Thai. Our main focus is building a comfortable atmosphere for all of our customers," said Hiromi Tsukatomo, an Aeon official.

Aeon is using a pioneer translation service to overcome the barrier of language that the inbound visitors may face during their shopping.

By using a tablet, Aeon staff can call standing-by translators who speak seven different languages.

A Vietnamese tourist visiting the mall praised the service and said, "I really like Aeon Mall because of its service. The staff is really friendly and helpful. They are very close to us and they provide all our needs. Also, from the airport to here it takes only 15 minutes, so it is really easy for us to buy stuff here, and then go straight to the airport and go home, or from the airport to here. The distance is short and it is really convenient for all visitors."

One of the most distinguished services for inbound visitors is the tax-free shopping service which is available in most of Aeon chain stores.

Aeon Mall Narita is even applying a new electronic system to make refunding the tax easier and faster.

"We have recently introduced a new system called "@freetax". It is much easier and faster than the conventional refunding process because form the beginning we do not charge any tax fee for the purchased items. You can just go to the cashier and pay directly only the tax-free amount," Hideaki Miura, another Aeon official explained.

"The demand for overseas travel is showing rapid growth. Presenting the attractions of Japan to the world through great experiences of pleasant shopping and hospitalities in AEON MALL is helping in "Making Japan a tourist destination for today, not only someday in the future", Miura added. (ANI)