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Afghan investor shutsdown women's driving centre in Kabul post-Taliban takeover

ANI | Updated: Sep 26, 2021 14:09 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], September 26 (ANI): The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has resulted in the loss of work for Afghan businesswomen who are largely confined to their homes owing to the group's harsh interpretation of Sharia law.
An Afghan female investor, Nilab, has decided to close a driving training centre for a woman that was established a year ago in Kabul, reported Tolo News.
"I face an unclear future," Nilab said.
Nilab said that no girl or a woman has visited the centre during the past month despite the interest of more than thirty women who want to learn to drive, reported Tolo News.
Afghan women told Tolo News that they should not be deprived of working and studying, as they make up half of the society.

Mughda, who trained at the center months ago, said women need to continue their work and skill-building. "I aimed to learn to drive, to stand on my own two feet, and to not depend on anyone."
"Not only me, but all Afghan women and girls also have some prominent goals. They don't want to be in need. It is good to become a doctor, a manager and so on, to find halal (legal) food," Giti said.
In the meantime, Taliban officials declared that women are permitted to work and study in accordance with Islamic laws.
"Women can work in any field based on the Islamic framework," said Sayed Khosti, a member of the cultural commission, reported Tolo News.
The Taliban have so far not allowed girls to attend secondary school.
Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, sales of hijab and burqa increased after the Taliban announced that only women wearing the hijab will have access to education and work.
Afghan women activists have been over the past few days staging protests in parts of Afghanistan, seeking equal rights for themselves and ensuring they are included in decision-making roles in political life in the country that has been taken over by the Taliban. (ANI)