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Afghan pharmacy union warn of shortage of medical supplies as truckloads of medicine stopped at borders

ANI | Updated: Oct 16, 2021 18:23 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], October 16 (ANI): Afghanistan's union of pharmacy owners said that over 50 trucks loaded with medical supplies have been stopped at the borders for unknown reasons, which can push the country into a severe shortage of medical supplies, reported local media.
The union warned that if the trucks are not allowed to enter Afghanistan, there will be a severe shortage of medical supplies across the country within the next month, TOLOnews said.
Azizullah Shafiq, a member of the union, said: "The medicine factories are faced with a shortage of medicine and the important medicine is used up."
"If this situation continues, Afghanistan will face a serious crisis of medical supplies," Shafiq added.
The majority of the medical supplies coming from foreign countries are important for the country, said TOLOnews.

"The doctor gave me this prescription. I have been searching for this medicine for the last three days but couldn't find it. The important medicines don't exist," said Shukrullah, a Kabul resident.
Even medicine factories' owners have said that due to a shortage of medicine elements, some factories have stopped operating.
Abdul Karim Khosti, the chief inspector of medical factories, said: "The flights are suspended and the customs stopped many trucks with medical products and now many factories lack access to medical materials to produce medicine."
Expressing concerns over the issue, pharmacy owners have also raised their voices saying that the stopped-flow of medical supplies at the border is affecting their business.
Abdullah, a pharmacy owner, said: "The increasing rate of the dollar and closure of ground borders and suspension of flights caused us to face a shortage of drugs." (ANI)