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Afghan traders demand subsidized air corridor to export goods to Chinese markets

ANI | Updated: Nov 22, 2021 16:19 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], November 22 (ANI): Demanding a subsidized air corridor for exporting goods to the Chinese markets, the Afghan traders said that the air corridor would be too expensive if the government didn't implement a subsidy system.
"The world countries or so-called donors stopped supporting the subsidy system. This brings a big change. Earlier, the expense for Afghan goods would be less and the Afghan goods were sold in the international markets. We were even able to compete with other countries," said Mahbobullah Mohammadi, a trader, reported Tolo News.
Meanwhile, some Afghan traders in China said that they were expecting more goods to arrive from Afghanistan.
"The goods include carpets, raisins, and precious stones that will arrive in the China market," said Salman Reha, an Afghan trader based in China.

The chamber of commerce and investment said that China pledged to facilitate exports of Afghan fresh fruit to its markets.
The acting head of the chamber, Mohammad Younus Momand, said that Afghanistan exported only pine nuts to China so far, reported Tolo News.
"1,000 tons of pine nuts were exported to China via air-corridor. 5,000 tons were exported by other routes. We are trying to increase the exports," he said.
The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) said that cargo flights have been sent to some countries.
"The cargo flights arrive from UAE and Abu Dhabi. The Ariana and Kam Air airlines conduct some cargo flights. The flights to China are also cargo flights that transfer pine nuts," said Ghulam Jailani Wafa, an official at the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority. (ANI)