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Afghan women hit streets, demand right to learn, employment under Taliban rule

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2021 22:20 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], November 14 (ANI): Numerous Afghan women hit the streets on Sunday demanding their right to learn and get employment under the Taliban rule, reported local media.
The protesting women urged the international community and the Taliban to pay attention to their rights and also criticized them for their silence on the same, reported TOLOnews.
"We can tolerate hunger, living without food, but we cannot tolerate injustice. We ask for freedom and justice in our own country," TOLOnews quoted a protester Malikzada as saying.
Earlier, the Ministry of Interior had announced that the demonstrations are not allowed unless the Ministry of Justice gives permission. The announcement followed after the repeated protests and gatherings by the Afghan women since the Taliban seized power in Kabul, reported the news channel.

However, the Afghans say that women can peacefully protest and ask for their rights.
"Women are half of the society, they have rights, there should be opportunities for learning and working based on the customs and culture of Afghanistan," TOLOnews quoted a resident Abdul Qadir as saying.
Earlier, facing an uncertain future of their education under the Taliban regime, Afghan girls and activists called on the Taliban to reopen schools that remain closed to women across the country.
Some girls, worried about their uncertain future, accused the Taliban of selective treatment in the reopening of some schools but not others, reported TOLOnews.
"We want to go to school. The Islamic Emirate (Taliban) should not apply a double standard to allow girls in some provinces to go to school but then ban them in other provinces," said Sahar, a student. (ANI)