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Afghanistan: Balkh clerics urge Taliban to reopen girls' high schools

ANI | Updated: Apr 05, 2022 10:20 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], April 5 (ANI): A number of Balkh religious scholars on Monday urged the Taliban to reopen girls' high schools as soon as possible.
At a meeting in Balkh, they asked the Taliban to immediately reopen schools for female students in grades 7-12, saying that the need to educate girls is felt by Afghans more than ever, and the Taliban should not allow girls over grade six to be deprived of an education, reported Tolo News.
"We believe that a country with scientific cadres in all fields and disciplines will move toward progress and excellence, and men and women with religion and virtue can train an awake, purposeful, and committed nation," said Abu Hamid Hamidullah Hamidi, a religious scholar.

The religious scholars urged the Taliban's supreme leader Hebatullah Akhundzadeh to reopen girls' high schools as soon as possible.
Religious scholars consider the education of girls more important than ever and say that banning girls from receiving an education is not religion-based and that girls can be educated by observing the Islamic hijab, reported Tolo News.
"We ask the Amir al-Mu'minin Hibatullah Akhand and other officials who are related to this issue to open schools as soon as possible," said Sheikh Mohammad Saeed Hashemi, a religious scholar.
Since the beginning of the school year, girls' schools above the sixth grade have been closed in the country, which has provoked global and domestic reactions. (ANI)