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Afghanistan: Taliban's bid to implement 'Islamic teachings' hurt Afghan students

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2021 02:11 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan] October 21 (ANI): One of the greatest threats of the Taliban's coming back to power was that the group will bring in a radical form of Islamic teachings in Afghanistan and the intuitions seem to be getting true in the country.
With the recent developments in Afghanistan, it is not a surprise that the Taliban formed 'government' is trying to kill the present system of fair and formal education for Afghan people, Author Valerio Fabbri wrote in an article in Geo-Political.
Cases in the war-torn country have also shown that the Taliban have been targeting the Afghan students abroad by threatening their kin in the country, as is the case with the Chevening scholars studying in the UK, whose families are being threatened by the Taliban forces, Author Valerio Fabbri informed.
However, Afghan youth who have studied abroad are also being stopped by the Taliban on the streets to have their mobile phones checked.
"The situation is critical especially for the newer generation, who have ties with Western countries in terms of education or work, against whom the Taliban have historically been strict," a Chevening scholar was quoted as saying by Geo-Political.
All these actions from the extremist group reflect that not just female education but the entire system of education in Afghanistan is on the brink of collapse.

Until the Taliban's recent siege, Afghanistan was seeing a consistent increase in the number of school enrolments in the country.
But with the current situation in the country, it seems very likely that there will be a drastic slump owing to the Talibans' hatred for education, Geo-Political stated.
"Whatever gains democratic and humanitarian forces have made in the last two decades in the proliferation of liberal and modern education for the Afghan population, and particularly for women, it will now be gone," Author Valerio Fabbri informed.
Meanwhile, the developments at Kabul's university also epitomize the Taliban's stand on the education system in the country.
The group has recently appointed a madrassa graduate as the dean of Kabul University which is one of the very few good institutions in the war-torn country.
The former dean of Kabul University was Dr Osman Babory, a dual-PhD scholar with several publications, articles and journals on Phytotherapy and Pharmacognosy.
Meanwhile, the female staff at the Kabul university has also asserted that the Taliban have also announced new conditions to keep women away from education in the country. (ANI)