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After tweet, Pak releases video to remember Tipu Sultan on his death anniversary

ANI | Updated: May 04, 2018 20:31 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 04 (ANI): Pakistan on Friday released a video remembering 18th-century ruler Tipu Sultan on his 218th death anniversary, a couple of hours after tweeting about the same.

The text in the video celebrates Tipu Sultan as a hero, saying, "Renowned for his bravery in the wars against the British Empire. He is regarded as the first freedom fighter for his fierce battles against the British."

The text further states that the Sultan ensured the right of minorities. He built a church, the first in Mysore, at the request of the French.

The video labels him "the last arrow in the arsenal" who could stop the British Empire.

The video came barely few hours after the Government of Pakistan tweeted to mark the death anniversary of the Muslim Mysore ruler.

"Revisiting an important & influential historical figure, Tiger of Mysore - Tipu Sultan on his death anniversary. Right from his early years, he was trained in the art of warfare & had a fascination for learning," tweeted the Pakistani government.

Though the Pakistan government tweeted about the Mysore ruler on his death anniversary, it has also come at a time when Karnataka is set to witness assembly elections in a week.

Popularly known as Tiger of Mysore, he has become a controversial figure in India, especially since 2015, when the BJP and the Congress engaged in a war of words over the birth anniversary celebrations of Tipu on November 10.

BJP considers the historical figure a "Muslim tyrant" and describes him as "anti-Hindu", "anti-Karnataka" and "mass murderer", while the Congress consider him as the first freedom fighter who fought against the British.

Tipu had fought against the British and died in 1799 at the age of 48, while defending his capital Srirangapatna, present-day Mandya, Karnataka.

President Ramnath Kovind in 2017 had said, "Tipu Sultan died a historic death fighting the British."(ANI)