Ajinomoto contributes to safe and tasty meal in Indonesia.
Ajinomoto contributes to safe and tasty meal in Indonesia.

Ajinomoto contributes to safe and tasty meal in Indonesia

ANI | Updated: Dec 06, 2019 22:46 IST

Jakarta [Indonesia], Dec 6 (ANI): One of the social issues in Indonesia is the malnutrition of children.
An unbalanced eating habit causes problems like anaemia. In this issue, the "SLP School Lunch Project" has been put into practice to improve children's food lifestyle and keep them healthy. Attention is paid to the school lunch that children eat every day.
Ajinomoto, a seasoning company, is a participant in this project. Ajinomoto Indonesia develops and sells seasoning specialised in Indonesian cooking. It is an essential seasoning for the Indonesian people.
"School Lunch Project' is a programme that is provided by Ajinomoto Indonesia with the collaboration of Bogor University. There is education regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyle and providing the lunch with balanced nutrition. The target for education is not only for students but also for teachers and school managers. The target for lunch project is adolescent students who are staying in boarding school. The aim to improve the nutrition condition through this programme," said Indra Nurcahyo, Head, ASV Project Promotional Dept, Ajinomoto Indonesia.
Darul Fallah is the school that goes from elementary school to high school. In the lunch project, students from junior high schools and high schools live in a dormitory away from parents.
Ajinomoto offers products such as Masako, Sajiku and Saori, and develops menus which are suitable for students. With the cooperation of the school, all the students enjoy eating well-balanced, healthy lunches and learn about nutritional facts and correct eating habits at the same time.
"Ajinomoto seasonings are very useful because it makes the food more tasty, interesting and varied. Therefore, the students like the food that are served more and they eat more. Aside from that, Ajinomoto seasoning makes the cooking process more practical," said MS Dida of Darul Fallah.
The school lunch project provides students with balanced food nutrition. The seasonings of school lunch use Ajinomoto products. Students feel the same taste in their food as they find at their homes.
Septi Amelia, a student said, "As long as I followed SLP, I have learned a lot about nutrition and health. I know more about the benefit of various foods and the consequences if I am under or over nourished and what is the recommended diet. Now, I know that the foods I consume before are not balanced nutrition."
The products of Ajinomoto that makes the taste of food as children find at their hometown continue to contribute towards the health and happiness of Indonesian families. (ANI)