Ajinomoto contributes to safe, healthy meals in Thailand

ANI | Updated: Jan 06, 2020 13:17 IST

Bangkok [Thailand], Jan 6 (ANI): Food company Ajinomoto's nutritional product 'AminoVITAL' has become popular among the athletes at a famous multi-purpose stadium in Thailand's capital Bangkok.
Located in Pathum Wan District of Bangkok, Thephasadin Stadium attracts a large number of athletes from around the area.
"Team beyond", one such group of runners who visit the stadium, always drink AminoVITAL, given that it consists of mainly amino acid that helps in the better functioning of the body and lets them enjoy the sport more.
"Amino Vital is the answer -- whether for giving energy or effectively maintaining the muscle, especially before the long-distance running. It can help us run better," said Jessada, member of the Team Beyond.
Ajinomoto also sponsors meals for the athletes, including the National Volleyball Team of Thailand. During the training period, the athletes are provided AminoVITAL.
"We must take AminoVITAL with us for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. It provides us more energy and reduces the risk of muscle breakdown," said Nootsara Tomkom, the Captain of Thailand Women's national volleyball team.
A dish made from vegetables and meat is prepared for the athletes by using seasoning of "Ajinomoto". It gives a taste of homemade food.
Ajinomoto project "Kachimeshi" means "winning meal". "Katchimeshi" is a nutrition program to improve the nutritional needs of athletes. Ajinomoto staff prepares a meal menu with the team's nutrition management staff and coach
"AminoVITAL" remains popular among professional and amateur athletes alike.
"We aim to improve the performance of atheltes, not just in Thailand, but also in Asian countries. I expect that "AminoVITAL" could help all Asian athletes perform better," Piroonrat Wangprakobsook, a senior employee in Ajinomoto Thailand said. (ANI)