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Almost 800,000 Afghan children face freezing conditions without proper housing

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2021 00:56 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan] December 2 (ANI): About 8,00,000 Afghan children are in desperate need of proper shelter as they are facing freezing conditions that could lead to illness or death.
As reported by Save The Children organisation, household surveys conducted by the UN found that around 1.6 million people are living in emergency tents or makeshift shelters - often no more than flimsy plastic sheets held up with sticks - which offer little protection from rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures.
In addition, nearly 8.6 million children are living in households that do not have enough blankets while more than 3 million children lack the adequate facilities to tolerate the temperature, the report said.

The report came nearly three months after the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.
Since the Taliban took over power in the country, Afghan women have also been struggling to get their basic rights to study and work.
After the Taliban's hostile takeover of Afghanistan in August, the regime ordered all working women, except those in the public health sector, and female students to stay at home until all workplaces and learning environments would be deemed safe, Geo-Political informed.
Though the Taliban has said that females would be allowed to study. But, in September, when the group said that older boys could resume school, older girls aged between 12 and 18 were asked to stay at home until conditions are 'feasible'. Meanwhile, a humanitarian catastrophe is also looming upon Afghanistan with the economy is almost on the verge of collapse.
The Taliban, on the other hand, seem to be more worried about whether or not 'Islamic' values are being followed in the country. Just as the United Nations was issuing urgent appeals to the international community to come to the rescue of millions of hapless Afghans facing hunger, the Taliban is concerned about women journalists appearing on TV without wearing the "Islamic hijab", Pakistan newspaper Dawn News reported. (ANI)