A canine at the protest against animal brutality in Nepal on Wednesday
A canine at the protest against animal brutality in Nepal on Wednesday

Animal activists in Nepal protest after recent killings of cows, dogs

ANI | Updated: Sep 04, 2019 21:44 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], Sept 4 (ANI): Animal activists in Nepal on Wednesday gathered at Maitighar Mandala to protest against the recent incident of mishandling of cows and dogs in Surkhet and Khotang District.
About 25 cows were found dead and over 100 thrown off the slopes in Nepal's Surkhet District last week. On the other hand, Municipal officials in Khotang were seen killing a dog brutally in a video.
The incidents enraged the public who carried out a protest in the capital. They were seen holding placards and banners decrying inhuman behaviour against animals.
"We do have activity against the brutality of animals but there is no proper implementation. The government should work further in bringing strict rules and regulations and I wish that there is a decrease in issues of animal abuse and cruelty in Nepal," Bimarsh Jhangham, one of the animal rights activists who came to the protest march said.
Even though a complaint has been filed against the suspects involved in the incidents, the people's rage is yet to settle.
Activists at the protest outlined the grave condition of animal rights in Nepal, claiming that the government itself is violating the provisions.
"The situation of animal rights in Nepal is very grim. Those who are in the government post, one who drafts the laws, they themselves are violating it," Ang Puri Sherpa, who participated in the protest on Wednesday, told ANI.
Activists during the protest held placards and chanted slogans against animal brutality. (ANI)