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Anti-Taliban Shias in Iran support Afghan government

ANI | Updated: Jul 27, 2021 22:50 IST

Tehran [Iran], July 27 (ANI): Anti-Taliban Shias in Iran are supporting the Afghan Government in its fight against terrorism, post-withdrawal of the US troops from the country.
According to the news published on the front page of Iranian newspaper 'Islamic Republic', a group "Hashad Al-Shia" has announced its presence in Afghanistan.
Sayyed Hasan Al-Haidri, the commander of the group, in his first speech in connection with the happenings in Afghanistan said that he would command a group of people in order to fight alongside government forces for safeguarding Afghanistan.

This group announced that with the experience of safeguarding the sacred things of Shias, now they are ready to fight alongside the people of Afghanistan against terrorist groups and Taliban terrorists for safeguarding unity and sovereignty of Afghanistan.
Taliban has intensified its offensive against civilians, Afghan defence and security forces as foreign forces are withdrawing from the war-torn country.
Moreover, they are imposing archaic rules on the captured territories and being a Sunni outfit, the Shias fear of sectarian violence against them.
The Taliban, who are rapidly gaining territory in Afghanistan as the US withdraws its forces, are demanding that families marry off girls to their fighters and ordering men to grow beards and go to mosques.
During the Taliban's five-year rule (1996-2001) - which was almost universally shunned by other governments but supported militarily and politically by Pakistan - women were prohibited from working, attending school or leaving home without a male relative. Men were forced to grow beards and wear a cap or turban. Music and other forms of entertainment were banned. (ANI)