Dr. Allah Nazar
Dr. Allah Nazar

Baloch dream of freedom can't be stopped- Allah Nazar

ANI | Updated: May 14, 2018 18:46 IST

Balochistan (Unknown location)[Pakistan], May 14 (ANI): Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nazar, who is fighting against Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan, has appeared in a new video committing to continue his struggle for Baloch rights.
The video is recorded at an unknown place in Balochistani. He said, "Our national struggle will continue within the framework of International laws and it will reach its logical conclusion in the form of a free Balochistan."
"The state of Pakistan has adopted several strategies and intrigues to counter our struggle; hence, the Baloch nation through forming better plans has repulsed all these maneuvers, and this is the prime reason despite the atrocities committed by Pakistan yet the Baloch's national struggle is thriving for the last two decades," said Dr. Allah Nazar, who is also the founder of Baloch Students' Organisation - Azad.
He added, "The occupying state of Pakistan is countering the movement in many ways like using the renegades, traitors, spies, Islamic terrorist proxies under the garb of religion and several other elements that are lined up against Baloch national struggle."
"However pro freedom organizations have chalked out a well thought-out strategy and acting on it," he remarked.
Baloch leader made it clear, "there is no room left for traitors and spies in the Baloch movement."
He further added, "Informers and spies function like the eyes and ears for the enemy. Therefore, regardless of what sect, class or nation they belong to, and how much powerful they are, will be held accountable for their crimes," He further added, "No one should remain in the fool's paradise that they can benefit from their false promises and hypocritical politics and would get a cleat chit of their crimes that are committed against the nation; those whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent Baloch people would never be spared. The Baloch movement and Baloch history would tackle them with an iron fist. They should just wait for their ultimate end. It may take two years or a decade but will be held accountable before the nation."
Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch said, "This is a decisive war, and freedom is our destiny."
He added, "due to the countless sacrifices of people our struggle moves on in the right direction, and no one can stop Baloch nation from freedom. Pakistani parliamentary parties, several Sardars, those who are the production of Sandamn's System are involved in spying against Baloch nation, but they will be treated with severe repercussions."
He added, "Thousands of Baloch have sacrificed for the cause of Baloch nation and thousands are struggling and millions of people are attached with the struggle.For example: only in seven districts of Balochistan Pakistan has deployed 0.15 million regular army, excluding the Frontier Corps (FC), Levies and police.It shows our strength that we have engaged 0.15 million army only here in the south."
Dr. Allah Nazar said we have strong faith in our nationand compelled the enemy to send more troops here and it becomeseasier for us to target them more; with the help of our people we will get them out of our land."
Dr. Allah Nazar said our struggle is an indigenous one. This is a war against China and other foreign countries and their investors. Baloch is a living nation. If China is hoping to establish a naval base to crush us, it must realize what they themselves have gone through when Japan invaded China. What tactics it used to counter the Japanese aggression? We are living in the twenty first century and we will come with harsher stratagem against China as well. Today Pakistan is in a state of utter confusion that how its army is being targeted.
There is no place for China, Pakistan, its parliamentarians and traitors in Balochistan. He said, a few bootlickers for some personal gains are involved in shedding Baloch blood. The parliamentarians are in the forefront for cashing out the Baloch blood and they are the real culprits. Baloch nation has already decided their fate; sooner or later, they will meet their logical conclusion.
The Baloch leader was optimistic, "Balochistan will become a free country on the map of the world and we would prove its position as a free nation."
He appealed the Baloch nation and particularly Baloch diaspora that they must contribute financially in the Baloch national struggle and strengthen themselves. Furthermore, they should play a vital and active role in the international diplomacy for Baloch nation struggle. (ANI)