Baloch Republican Party protests in Munich against Pak atrocities

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2018 22:11 IST

Munich [Germany], Feb 17 (ANI): The Baloch Republican Party's (BRP) Germany chapter has held a rally and a protest demonstration in Munich on the occasion of a Security Conference conducted in the city.

The Munich Security Conference saw participation of 70 countries including Pakistan.

The protest was aimed at informing the participants of the security conference about the ongoing Pakistani atrocities and human rights violations in Balochistan, BPR Central spokesman, Sher Mohammad Bugti, said, in a statement, adding that a large number of party activists joined the protest and rally.

While addressing the rally, BRP Germany Chapter's President, Jawad Baloch said, "Pakistan is cancer not only for Balochistan but for the entire region, particularly, Afghanistan and India, by harbouring religious extremists group to disturb the peace in the region."

"The recent initiative by the US to put Pakistan on the watch list of terrorists state is a confirmation of our repeated claims that Pakistan sponsors and harbors terrorism," he added.

He further said that Pakistan has joined hands with China in the name of the so-called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project in a step to push Baloch into a minority and occupy their land.

The Pakistan atrocities in Balochistan are continuing from the past 70 years, but those atrocities are escalating on daily basis after Pakistan has joined hands with China, Jawad said adding that "After Sui, China is trying to expand its base in Gwadar in the name of the so-called CPEC."

The statement further read that, "We, the Baloch, as a secular nation urge all the participating countries in this security conference to play a role to stop the unending state atrocities, human rights violations and extra judicial killings in Balochistan."(ANI)