Sajid Hussain, Editor-in-Chief of Balochistan Times (Picture credit: Sajid Hussain/Twitter)
Sajid Hussain, Editor-in-Chief of Balochistan Times (Picture credit: Sajid Hussain/Twitter)

Balochistan Times Editor-in-Chief Sajid Hussain found dead in Sweden

ANI | Updated: May 01, 2020 20:30 IST

Balochistan [Pakistan], May 1 (ANI): Sajid Hussain, Editor-in-Chief of Balochistan Times, has been found dead in a Swedish town, the police have confirmed.
The Swedish police informed his family on Thursday night that they discovered his body from a river in Uppsala, The Times reported.
The Baloch journalist had been missing from the Swedish city since March 2 this year.
Sajid, 39, left Pakistan in 2012 and had been living as a refugee in Sweden since 2017. He wrote extensively on the suffering of the Balochis at the hands of the Pakistani military establishment.
His work often got him into trouble as the authorities did not like his reporting of Balochistan's forbidden stories, the reason he had to leave and live in exile.

The Baloch journalist was found dead two months after he went missing in Sweden.
Sajid left Pakistan because of security threats from Pakistan Army and its intelligence service ISI.
The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement, Hammal Haider told ANI: "We are deeply saddened by the demise of prominent Baloch intellectual and writer Sajid Hussain."
"His death is indeed a loss of a great mind for the people of Balochistan. Due to his straightforwardness, he was loved among all journalistic, literary and political circles," added Haider.
"After this incident, we have serious concerns about our members and other Baloch refugees living in the West," he said. (ANI)