President of the Tibetan government-in-exile, Penpa Tsering (File pic)
President of the Tibetan government-in-exile, Penpa Tsering (File pic)

Beijing's policies have destructive impact on Tibetan culture, Central Tibetan Administration tells Swiss council

ANI | Updated: Nov 06, 2021 17:01 IST

Bern [Switzerland], November 6 (ANI): Sikyong Penpa Tsering, president of the Central Tibetan Administration, informed the Swiss National Council members that Beijing has imposed brutal policies on Tibet which have a destructive impact on Tibetan religion, culture, language, and identity.
Tsering urged Swiss parliamentarians to raise the issue of Tibet, the Central Tibetan Administration said.
'Sikyong' Penpa Tsering is the president of the Tibetan government-in-exile based in Dharamshala, India.
During the meeting with Swiss parliamentarians, he said Tibet has never been a part of China historically and the issue of Tibet's environment and human rights is a matter of morality, not politics.
He discussed plans and activities to amplify the Tibetan movement and the just cause of the Tibetan people, Central Tibetan Administration said.

The developments Came as Sikyong Penpa arrived in Bern on 4 November.
Upon his arrival in Bern, Sikyong went to the Switzerland National Council (Swiss Parliament) where he met members of the Swiss National Council Nicolas Walder, who is also the President of the Swiss Parliamentary support group for Tibet.
Sikyong also met national council members Prisca Birrer-Heimo, and Cedric Wermuth.
During the meeting, Walder informed Sikyong about the Swiss Parliamentary Support group for Tibet and its current strength of 20 members, Central Tibetan Administration said.
In the afternoon, Sikyong participated in a discussion on the topic 'Tibet was never a part of China, One China policy should be abandoned' organised by Tibetan associations based in Switzerland.
The exiled government is based in India, and it is officially called the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). (ANI)