Amjad Ayub Mirza speaking in a video message. (Photo/ANI)
Amjad Ayub Mirza speaking in a video message. (Photo/ANI)

Beware Kashmiris, Abdullahs are 'two-headed snakes', says activist

ANI | Updated: Oct 14, 2020 14:27 IST

Glasgow [UK], October 14 (ANI): In a scathing attack against Farooq Abdullah's reported remark, wherein he suggested that Article 370 could be restored with the help of China, a PoK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) activist Amjad Ayub Mirza termed the Abdullahs as 'two-headed snakes'.
In a video message, Mirza said that the Abdullahs' (Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah) are traitors of the nation. They never cared for Kashmiris. All they cared about was to increase their stronghold in the region. Sheikh Abdullah betrayed, so did Farooq and Omar in their respective regime.
"How many times have they passed a resolution from Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly against PoK, Act 74, Schedule 4, or anti-terrorism act in Gilgit-Baltistan? What have they done when the infrastructure of the region was demolished, jungles were uprooted, mountains were mined? They never raised a single voice against it. If they had done it, it would have impacted their votes in Kashmir", explained Amjad Ayub Mirza.
Challenging the democratic credentials of Abdullahs', he questioned their faith in the system. "Even after being sent to the Assembly, you could not do anything conclusive for the Kashmiris and now you are questioning the conscience of the government."
Tearing down on their governance, Mirza questioned the plight of minorities in the state during their regime. "Your government was responsible for the demographic changes in Kashmir valley, it was under your governance when Hindu exodus took place and you went to London at that time".

Mirza also questioned the secular credentials of the Abdullahs'. "The division between Jammu and Kashmir was played to create a rift. They played the communal card and assured the public that if PoK is incorporated with Jammu, Muslims will become majority while the real deal was to check strong vote bank of Dogras in the region. They also use to divert the aids from the Central government aimed at the development of Ladakh".
He said that the Farooq Abdullah's family could do anything to have a sway in Kashmir and can sale anyone for that power. " His father Sheikh Abdullah sold us. He forced Jawahar Lal Nehru to the ceasefire. If Jammu would have bigger representation than Kashmir, it would have been difficult for Sheikh to force his decision on Jammu".
He termed the Abdullahs' as ungrateful and said, "If we have people like Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, and Mehboba Mufti, we don't need a traitor."
He asked the Kashmiris to beware of such 'double-faced snakes', who think about themselves and their family, and send their own sons and daughters to a foreign land for higher studies while Kashmir was burning. "They are not friends of Kashmir or India, they are the troublemakers, land sharks, corrupt people".
"Such traitors should be arrested and an anti-national case should be registered against them", he opined. (ANI)