"Bhaitika" brings departed brother and sisters together in Nepal

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2017 16:42 IST

Bharatpur [Nepal], Oct.21 (ANI):This year's "Bhaitika", the final day of "YamaPanchak" became special for Meena and Saraswati Pokharel as their brother Kapil Pokharel retuned to Nepal after a couple of years.

"Bhaitika" which falls on the second "Lunar Day of Shukla Paksha (Bright Fortnight) in the month of Kartik in Bikram Sambat (BS) calendar is believed to strengthen bonds between brothers and sisters.

Kapil Pokharel told ANI, "On the occasion of Deepawali the brothers who were detached for long comes together on this auspicious occasion and the chance to put on the tika (over the forehead) really gives godly pleasure. I wish all the sisters a prosperous Deepawali."

Kapil returned to Nepal to receive tika from his sisters.

This incident also has links with the religious belief of Yama, The Lord of Death, meeting his sister Yamuna. Yama is believed to met Yamuna after a long time and Yamuna applied a tika on her brother's forehead and prayed for his well being.

Pleased with Yamuna, Yama asked her to make a wish that he could grant and Yamuna asked that all sisters be given the privilege to apply the tika on their brothers to secure their safety from the Lord of Death.

Brothers are made to sit in a specially anointed place around which a trail of mustard oil is drawn which is believed to secure brothers from Yama. It is also believed that trail will never dry out and always keep them protected from the devil or ill powers. After drawing over the trail, the sisters apply colourful tika consisting seven colours and a garland of marigold or Makhamali around the neck of brothers and vice versa.

The sisters also offer their brothers sweets, walnuts and "Sel" (a special cake made of rice flour fried deeply in oil which has the shape of ring filled with sugar). The brother also give presents and money to their sisters.

Saraswati Pokharel said, "This festival actually is for long life for our brothers and we pray for the well-being of our relations, so that it never gets disconnected, separated or spoiled. This festival of tika is part of that legacy." (ANI)