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Bic Camera in Osaka
Bic Camera in Osaka

Bic Camera in Osaka attracts foreign visitors for shopping

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2019 17:36 IST

Osaka [Japan], July 4 (ANI): There are several restaurants in Osaka with giant, moving crab as signboards.
This is a landmark of "Nanba" area in Osaka and a centre of attraction among the foreign tourists.
Visitors can enjoy eating traditional Osaka food and also have a great shopping experience in this area.
Bic Camera, a consumer electronics retailer chain, attracts visitors because of its specialised service.
It offers the latest electronics products to foreign tourists and that too with duty-free service.
"The 'Bic Camera Nanba' is located in the middle of the tourist area and is popular among international customers. It is located close to a subway station, so it has a very good location," said Miki Takakuma from Bic Camera.
"We also have an 'inbound call centre'; support for nine languages including Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian. We are trying to create a sales floor where tourists can actually touch and experience products and buy what they like," Takakuma added.
Bic Camera has dedicated sales floor for foreign tourists. On one floor, they exhibit products for tourists to buy them. Popular items include stainless steel bottles, cosmetics and beauty products.
The beauty appliance corner allows customers to experience the latest appliances with the help of dedicated staff.
There is also a corner for souvenirs collected from all over Japan.
Many foreign tourists cannot speak Japanese, so the interpreter staff provides help.
"Some foreign customers may study a bit of Japanese language that is barely enough for a trip but most of them do not speak Japanese so they enjoy shopping with help of interpreters," said Seikan Ann from Bic Camera.
Foreign tourists from Southeast Asia are increasingly visiting Japan. There is even a dedicated way for translation service to each language for visitors from Southeast Asia.
Osaka is a famous tourist spot not only for foreigners but also for Japanese. Bic Camera's service spirit attracts more and more foreign tourists. (ANI)