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Big tea ceremony event held in Tokyo

ANI | Updated: Nov 01, 2018 23:41 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Nov 1 (ANI): The Tokyo Metropolitan Government recently held "Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2018" in Hama Rikyu Gardens.
This autumn event aims to introduce wide and rich traditional culture and arts of Japan to domestic and foreign people visiting Tokyo through tea ceremony and other cultural events.
Yoshie Ishioka, an official of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, said, "We have a variety of events in Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony that people from overseas can enjoy. Visitors not only experience having tea but also learn the process of making tea and etiquette of Japanese tea ceremony. We also have English commentary provided in many sections, so people coming for the first time from overseas can also enjoy it."
While enjoying the real taste of Japanese tea, visitors experience the authentic style of ancient Japan and listen to in-depth English explanation of the tea ceremony.
This event is the best place for foreigners who do not have a fair idea about tea ceremonies.
"It was so nice to hear the whole tea ceremony in English, and it was all explained," a visitor said.
Tea ceremony club high school students also hosted an outdoor ceremony.
One of the main highlights of this event is being able to see such great mutual exchange of culture. This outdoor tea ceremony is for beginners to learn the basics of a tea ceremony.
There are many foreign tourists, and they are fascinated by knowing depth and concepts of the tea ceremony and taste of real Matcha tea through the first-hand experience.
"I enjoyed the whole experience. I learned how to make Matcha tea which I did not know before," said another visitor.
Japanese classic culture is always loved by many people not only domestically but also overseas and is becoming one of the major ways to connect Japan and the world. (ANI)