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BLA appeals to Baloch nation to boycott Pak polls

ANI | Updated: Jun 25, 2018 17:54 IST

Quetta (Balochistan) [Pakistan], June 25 (ANI): The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a pro-freedom Baloch resistance organisation, has appealed to the Baloch people to boycott next month's general elections in Pakistan.
BLA spokesman Azad Baloch said elections in an occupied land are equivalent to legalising illegal occupation.
"This process does not only contradict the national history of the Baloch nation, but through these elections, Pakistan will further strengthen the slavery of the Baloch. The Baloch nation boycotted the last elections and supported the freedom movement and proved that Baloch want their independence. Hence, the Baloch Liberation Army appeals from Baloch nation to boycott the elections like previous elections and support its thousands of years of history, culture, identity and restoration of the national sovereignty," said Azad Baloch.
Azad Baloch further said, "The Baloch nation has not accepted Pakistani slavery till today and they are sacrificing their lives for national independence. Thousands of Baloch people from all walks of life have given sacrifices for the formation of their national state, including Baloch men, women, professors, doctors, lawyers, journalists, writers, intellectuals, poets, singers, tribal elders, workers, rich and poor people."
"All these sacrifices were given to save the Baloch national existence, identity, history, culture, customs and national values and to liberate the Baloch country," he added.
He explained, "Balochistan is the land of Baloch nation on which the Baloch people are inhabited for thousands of years. Balochistan and Baloch are connected with each other, without Baloch nation, there would be no Balochistan, and, if there was no Balochistan, the existence of Baloch nation in the world would be impossible. The formation of Baloch nation is the result of our customs, our social values, our language, thousands of years of evolutionary processes."
On the other hand, 70 years ago, Indian Muslims created the artificial state of Pakistan overnight, using the name of Islam, with blessings of British imperialism, and with the help former East India Company and British imperialism Army's Muslim Indian soldiers have made Pakistan's army in few weeks.
It was the same army that helped Britain to keep India enslaved for two hundred years and informed the British about the weaknesses of Indian society.
After the creation of Pakistan's artificial army Douglas David Gracey, the second head of the same army, forcibly occupied Balochistan.
The spokesperson of BLA asked the Baloch nation whether the Baloch nation should abandon their thousands history and land to become loyal to an artificial state like Pakistan which betrayed its motherland India and made an artificial country with British consent without any national, historical and legal base?
Azad Baloch said, "Due to the existence of Pakistan, millions of people belonging to different religions were killed during their migration; this army [Pakistan army] beside genocide in Balochistan has killed 300,000 Bengali Muslims and raped millions of Bengali Muslim women. This country has become a symbol of terrorism throughout the world today and its existence is in contradiction to human values and regional peace."
The BLA spokesperson said the Indian Punjabi Muslim, Chauhdry Rahmat Ali, who presented the ideology of nationality on the basis of Islam and invented the name of Pakistan, even he could not live in this artificial country for few years. After partition of India, he lived outside Pakistan till his death.
If the person who proposed the name of Pakistan was not loyal his country, then why should the Baloch who have thousands of years of history, identity and land betray their existence and become slaves in a country which was created by traitors of India?
To dilute the Baloch language, culture and traditions, Pakistan has imposed artificial Pakistan nationalism on the Baloch nation.
The so-called parliamentarians are promoting the Pakistani nationalism for their own political, personal and family gains.
The Baloch nation has to understand that slavery is not democracy. The democracy is about peacefully transferring of power in an independent county, but today neither Baloch has an independent state nor are we sovereign. Can the selection of few people by occupying Pakistan state institutions can be termed democracy or democratic process? (ANI)