British PM Boris Johnson speaking in Parliament on Tuesday.
British PM Boris Johnson speaking in Parliament on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson suffers defeat in parliament; rebels vote to seize control of Brexit agenda

ANI | Updated: Sep 04, 2019 03:15 IST

London [UK], Sep 4 (ANI): In a major defeat for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, lawmakers on Tuesday voted in favour of seizing control of parliamentary business tomorrow in a bid to pass a bill that could block a no-deal Brexit.
The UK government lost the vote by a margin of 27, with the final count being 301 to 328, suggesting that a significant number of Conservative lawmakers voted with the opposition, reported CNN.
The result went against the government even though Johnson on Monday had threatened to call early general elections if his party lost a crucial vote on a possible delay of Brexit.
The statement made in this regard by Johnson outside Downing Street was intended to pressure rebel lawmakers in his own party to pull back from supporting legislation, which, if passed, would force the government to delay the country's departure from the European Union so as to prevent a no-deal Brexit scenario.
The rebel lawmakers in the party had even been told that they would be expelled from the parliamentary party and barred from standing as a conservative at any future elections if they support the emergency no-deal legislation. (ANI)