BRICS must engage in diplomacy to avoid 'conflict and confrontation'

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2017 17:24 IST

Xiamen [China], September 3 (ANI): Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) must commit to engage in diplomacy to resolve "hotspot issues" for "global peace and development" and not "conflict and confrontation".

"Incessant conflicts in some parts of the world and hotspot issues are opposing challenges to world peace, and people around the world want peace and cooperation, not conflict or confrontation," Chinese President said while delivering a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum scheduled for Sept. 3-4 in the south-eastern coastal city of Xiamen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Xiamen for the first time since the resolution of the two-month standoff in Doklam along Sikkim border.

"I am convinced that as long as we take a holistic approach to fighting terrorism in all its forms, and address both its symptoms and root causes, terrorists will have no place to hide," he said.

"We BRICS countries are committed to upholding global peace and contributing to the international security order," Xinhua quoted Xi as saying.

Ahead of the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a summit of the five emerging economies in the coastal city of Xiamen, Jinping said,"We should uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and basic norms governing international relations, firmly support multilateralism, work for greater democracy in international relations, and oppose hegemonism and power politics."

Elaborating on the efforts taken to strengthen consultation and coordination on major international and regional issues and build synergy among BRICS countries , Jnping said, "This year, the BRICS countries have held the Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues and the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Relations. The countries have put in place the regular meeting mechanism for permanent representatives to the multilateral institutions, and convened the Foreign Policy Planning Dialogue, the Meeting of Counter-Terrorism Working Group, the Meeting of Cybersecurity Working Group, and the Consultation on Peacekeeping Operations."

When dialogue, consultation and negotiation are conducted to create conditions for achieving political settlement of issues such as Syria, Libya and the Palestine-Israel conflict, the flame of war can be put out, and displaced refugees will eventually return to their homes, he said.(ANI)