British Diplomat apologizes over Golden Temple gaffe

ANI | Updated: Apr 24, 2018 20:10 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr. 24 (ANI): Top diplomat in Britain's Foreign Office Sir Simon McDonald has apologized after he called Amritsar's Golden Temple a mosque.

"I was wrong: I am sorry. I should of course have said the Golden Temple or, better, Sri Harmandir Sahib," Permanent Under-Secretary, Foreign & Commonwealth Office Sir Simon McDonald tweeted.

McDonald, in one of his tweets, had mentioned the Golden Temple in Amritsar, as Golden Mosque which is in Lahore. The mosque is actually known as the Sunehri Mosque.

"At QBP in Chandigarh @SinghLions presented @DHCAndrewAyre with picture of HM The Queen at Golden Mosque in Amritsar in 1997, a permanent memento for Deputy High Commission's wall @UKinIndia," McDonald had tweeted.(ANI)